Goodbye, Regensburg!

Regensburg, I’ll miss…
… strolling around the river Danube in the evening.
… your summer nights.
… the view from my window in autumn.
… living close to nature.
… your Bavarian „traditions“.
… taking a walk around neat houses.
… your party nights.
… and crazy places!

I was born and lived 18 years of my life in Regensburg, south-eastern Germany. It’s a beautiful city, small and familiar, but with a lot of opportunities and cultural life. It has a beautiful old town, keeps its heritage, but still has a modern touch. 2006, it became UNESCO cultural heritage. The old town of Regensburg can be found in the book „1000 Places to see before you die“.

Full of parks and small forests, combining the atmosphere of living on the countryside and living in a city, being a nice home to families and a great party location for university students at the same time, having an interesting history and a lot of places to relax… it’s the perfect place to live!
Today, I’m moving. But I’ll always come back!
All photos taken by myself between 2008 and 2011.

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  1. Vieeelen lieben Dank! Ich hab mich soeben in deinen Blog verliebt und folge deswegen gleich zurück! Echt tolle Bilder! Du kriegst später (bin gerade in Eile) auch noch 'ne Mail von mir, bezüglich Regensburg – bin nämlich nicht weit weg von hier und ist cool, einfach mal mit jemanden aus der Gegend zu reden, auch wenn du jetzt anscheinend wo anders bist ^_^ Viele Grüße xx

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