3 Things we should re-think about the world

To this post, I was kind of inspired by Miss Peppermint. In my interview with her, I asked her what kind of topics she would like to read more about in other blogs. She answered that she is interested in what other people are „fighting for“, what kind of topics move them. I have a lot of topics that matter to me, but returning from Peru and having attended a lot of seminars about racism that really made me re-think my education and thought patterns, one of the topics I want to fight for is how we, Europeans and North Americans, better known as „the West“ are seeing „the rest“, or correctly said, countries of the Global South.

This blog entry isn’t meant like a accusation. It’s only supposed to give everyone who never had contact to the topic of racism something to think about. Weiterlesen


Goodbye, Regensburg!

Regensburg, I’ll miss…
… strolling around the river Danube in the evening.
… your summer nights.
… the view from my window in autumn.
… living close to nature.
… your Bavarian „traditions“.
… taking a walk around neat houses.
… your party nights.
… and crazy places!

I was born and lived 18 years of my life in Regensburg, south-eastern Germany. It’s a beautiful city, small and familiar, but with a lot of opportunities and cultural life. It has a beautiful old town, keeps its heritage, but still has a modern touch. 2006, it became UNESCO cultural heritage. The old town of Regensburg can be found in the book „1000 Places to see before you die“.

Full of parks and small forests, combining the atmosphere of living on the countryside and living in a city, being a nice home to families and a great party location for university students at the same time, having an interesting history and a lot of places to relax… it’s the perfect place to live!
Today, I’m moving. But I’ll always come back!
All photos taken by myself between 2008 and 2011.


Ein paar Fotos aus Perú – Cusco

Momentan möchte ich mich wirklich den ganzen Tag nur im Bett verkriechen… Das Wetter ist grau und es regnet, ich hoffe das ändert sich bald, denn ich habe für morgen ein Fotoshooting geplant!

Eigentlich wollte ich euch nicht mit Fotos aus Peru überfluten, aber da einige von euch meinen Post Inspiration aus Peru mochten, hab ich mich dazu entschlossen, einen zweiten Post zu erstellen. Die Bilder haben leider keine Top-Qualität, weil ich meine Spiegelreflexkamera nicht mit nach Peru genommen habe – eine gute Entscheidung, schließlich wurde mir auf dem Weg nach Monanita, Ecuador, meine Digicam geklaut. Weiterlesen


Inspiration From Peru

top left: graffiti outside the Lima Art School (Escuela de Bellas Artes)

top right: in a museum in the center of Lima

bottom left: in the Zoo (Parque de Las Leyendas), Lima

bottom right: sunset with view on Chorrillos, Lima

top left: in a museum in the center of Lima

top right: graffiti by Faber in La Molina, Lima

bottom left: in the Zoo (Parque de Las Leyendas), Lima

bottom right: Llama figures in a museum in the center of Lima

top left: cloth in a museum in the center of Lima

top right: Huaca Pucllana (pyramid from a pre-Inka culture), in the back the buildings of San Isidro, Lima

bottom left: cloth on a tourist market in Cusco

bottom right: view over North Lima from San Cristóbal hill, Lima

top left: carpet made out of plastic bags, in Pedro de Osma Museum, Barranco, Lima

top right: woven cloth in the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Lima

bottom left: figures in a museum in the center of Lima

bottom right: 2nd biggest cementery in the world „Nueva Esperanza“ on All Hallows‘ Day, Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima